Basil's Harvest


Basil's Harvest

Thursday: 11am to 6:30 pm
Saturday 8am to 2 pm

117 W Main St

Elmwood IL 61529

309 370-6441

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Erin Meyer (owner) is a dietician who has conducted seminars at Spoon River Junior College. Basil's Harvest features menus based on food that is nutritionally complex, with a local emphasis, and non-synthetically grown. Stop in and rediscover real food, if you have lost touch with food as it was in earlier times.  
  Modern Renewal in the Old Ways of Doing Things
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If you went back to the time of the "Great Depression" food was grown locally, organically, and prepared with attention to the details. I have often heard my farming ancestors say at least we had food to eat during the tough times. Today, with all the references to the "Great Depression," we are seeking to learn some lessons from old values. In food, as well as economics, it is a return to some old values of how we should eat that are catching on. I would rather skip some of the worst of the 1930's, but I bet the food at my grandparents table was good.

In our time people seeking to capture the goodness of the old ways are called collectively the "Slow Food" movement. A vegetable garden at the White House is just one sign of a growing recognition of this concept in our modern lives. If you want to learn more about the "Slow Food" movement, I have some links in the next column. My parents grow a garden, make food fresh and from scratch; they are part of a modern trend and didn't know it.

I love food whether fast or slow, but appreciate the real food I grew up with on the farm. Erin Meyer owner of Basil's Harvest is working to help all of us in the Elmwood area experience real food once again. We aren't required to weed or stand over a hot stove, which is the real drawback to "Slow Food."

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Open on Thursday and Saturday, Basil's Harvest offers two soup choices, a meat based soup and a vegetarian selection. They often have strombolis. Vinegar, sauerkraut, and rubs are on sale. Menu items always change, but homemade bread and pastry products are always featured. All food is prepared using produce and meats that are organically grown by local growers. St. Patrick's Day was a special event where Basil's Harvest corned the beef in preparation for a special menu. The corned beef and cabbage got great reviews from the world's best food judges, their customers. They will have seasonal produce and products available this year.