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Thursday, August 30, 2012 8:51 AM

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September 12, 2012

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Ashley Bean Headlines the Elmwood Fall Festival 2012 on Opening Night

Ashley Bean Musician Singer Songwriter

The Young Lady plays a Good Guitar

Sings with a Haunting Voice

Ashley Contestant at Morton Pumpkin Idol

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Morton Pumpkin Idol

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Ashley will open the Elmwood Fall Festival on Thursday September 6th. Her start time on the stage is after Baby Contest. So somewhat indefinite but a little after 7 PM. Time to grab a Lemon Shake Up if you are baby phobic. Baby Contest winners will be announced at 7:45 Ashley will finish her set after that announcement. So come out and listen to Ashley perform her original songs. Kick the Fall Festival off to a great start.


Ashley Bean

Ashley Bean

If you are from Elmwood you may know Ashley. I have heard her play a couple of times. I have often seen her in Elmwood usually accompanied by a guitar case about as big as she is. Last year someone shared her Reverb Nation page, listened became a fan.

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Young people have a habit of growing up, and sometimes those things almost bigger than they are when starting out, end up being mastered by them. Ashley plays like she is completely attuned to her instrument, a natural fit. You will want listen to her on these songs. In our digital age this is so easily done. Share them on Facebook Ashley Bean on Facebook


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