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  A Better Elmwood Project    
    November 17, 2011
Joplin Photo 1
Joplin Photo 3
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Joplin Mission Trip Fairview Center UMC Nov 17, 2011

One Less Empty Space -- Experience in Joplin MO

Ozark Camp Neossho MO

I am told this is dawn; things I never knew. Also, maybe one of the things I didn't need to know.

Camp Ozark Frost

A frosty morning greeted us on Thursday, but it was sunny and didn't snow anymore.

Joplin MO Garage Mission

This discussion of the day's plan started Thursday morning.

Garage in Morning

As day started



Joplin Window

Bill Ault assisted by Mark Graham rehabbed windows.

Fairview Center Mission Team to Joplin MO

Just like NASA it takes a huge effort of many people to launch a mission crew. Thanks to all who supported the effort.

Left to right: Mark Graham, Steve Davis, George Korns, Michael West, Carol Korns, Cathy Yocum, Bill Ault, Alyce Jenks, Joel Williams, Craig Long, Steve Shimmin, Gabe Wanck

Fairview Center UMC

Roof on south side

Joplin Mission
Joplin Gaarge

Joplin door install

Mike West, Bill Ault, and Mark Graham installed the garage doors overhead and walk in.

Joplin Sunset

Sun setting as crew races to finish at a good stopping point.

Shingling by flashlight

Roof on north side a scene right out of Bagger Vance, headlights and flashlights guided the nailing.

Joplin dark in evening

Break down and clean up all had to be done well after dark.


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Joplin Photo 1

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Illinois Observer

Joplin Photo 3

Illinois Observer a thoughtful experience



  Photos From Gabe's iphone Joplin Garage  


    Where it began  
    Joplin Garage    
    Where it ended  
    Joel in Joplin  
    Joel, calf is roped! Oh, roof is done.  
    Joplin Church Yard  
    Loading Day One  
    Joplin Shed Rehab  
    Day two shed project  
    Joplin Shed  
  Mark on roof overcoming challenges    


Joplin rebuild      
  Looks good considering much of roof laid down at night. Joplin Roof